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Coaching has always been something that Fred is particularly passionate about. He works with riders of all levels from Grassroots to 5* and has a knack for helping riders unlock hidden potential in young horses as well as giving older competition horses a new level of confidence and self belief. If you would like to base yourself with Fred for some more intensive training then please don't hesitate to ask. We offer both short and long term solutions. A popular option is for riders coming on holiday to Cornwall, why not bring your horse and dedicate a few hours every day of your holiday to some fantastic training, beach rides and competition days alongside Fred and the rest of the team!

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Fred is available to teach clinics all year round although the summer do get busy. If you would like to arrange a Clinic or Camp in your area please don't hesitate to get in contact. All of Fred's upcoming clinic dates can be found by clicking the link below.


A popular option for riders that are not able to travel to Fred for coaching. Virtual or Video lessons have proven extremely popular during the Covid 19 Pandemic, allowing riders from all over the world to benefit from Freds help. 

All you need is a spare pair of hands to video you via a Zoom meeting and another phone in your pocket connected to your earphones and Fred can teach you in the comfort of your own arena. 

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